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Lamaze Twitter ChatIn addition to this blog, Lamaze offers several helpful -- and FREE -- resources for expecting and new parents. Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23 at 9pm EST, we will host a Twitter chat on due dates and induction. Join in to learn more about what your due date means -- and what it doesn't. And learn when an induction is needed for medical reasons and when it is suggested against best evidence. Bring your questions, comments, and personal experiences to share. Follow the chat on Twitter at #LamazeChat. Pregnancy and birth expert Robin Elise Weiss, MPH, CPH, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE will lead the discussion. 


Also available from Lamaze is a weekly pregnancy update email. Pregnancy Week by Week is emailed to you free each week and provide tips that support a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth. Learn what's happening with you and your baby during each week of pregnancy along with ways to prepare for a healthy birth. Encourage your partner to sign up, too -- it's a great way to involve your partner in your pregnancy. Below is an example of what you'll receive via email.

Lamaze Pregnancy Week by Week


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