Pregnant Again? How You Could Benefit from a Childbirth Class

Childbirth classPregnant? Not your first baby? Maybe it's your fourth. Have you considered taking a childbirth class? I know what you're thinking -- "I've had a baby(ies) before; why would I take a childbirth class?" And while it's true that the process of giving birth has not likely changed since the last time you had a baby, a good childbirth class can provide unexpected benefits to even the most experienced mothers.

Anxiety - A recent study by Penn State researchers found that an educational preparation class can improve birth outcomes for mothers who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. So whether you're experiencing anxiety about your pregnancy or birth, stress from life circumstances, or dealing with perinatal depression, a good childbirth class can provide you with tools and resources to cope.

Change in birth plan - Maybe you gave birth in a hospital last time and now want to have a home birth, or perhaps you had a highly medicalized birth and want to go more "naturally" (with less/no interventions and pain medication). If you want to prepare for birth differently than your last, taking a childbirth class -- even if you took one before -- can get you off on the right foot.

Never took a class - Even if you've had three babies, if you've never taken a good childbirth class, chances are that you could learn new things to make your birth experience easier, more relaxed, more empowering, and with more informed decision making.

Refresher - Maybe you just need a refresher! Like someone who brushes up on their high school French before visiting Paris, if it has been more than a few years since you had a baby, taking a childbirth class can help you remember your labor coping skills, increasing your confidence for the big day.

For your partner - It's not me -- it's you. Maybe you aren't the one who needs the childbirth class quite as much. Childbirth classes can work wonders on increasing confidence and knowledge for your partner, which translates into better support for you in labor, bonus!

Did you take a childbirth class for the first time as an "experienced" mom? Share your reasons -- and payoff -- in the comments!

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July 9, 2014 09:39 AM by MaryBeth

Of all the things we've done regarding having our babies, taking a child birth education class is one of the best things we've done. Almost 25 years later I can remember our child birth educator,  fellow participants and things we learned. Ask your friends who they have taken classes from and who they recommend. Informed moms are able to make sound decisons planning their births. 

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