Travel During Pregnancy - What to Bring Along

With the onset of spring -- and summer just around the corner -- many of us will spend time traveling on vacation, likely to warmer climates. When you travel during pregnancy, you'll want to add a few additional items to your packing list for optimal comfort and health. Consider adding the following to your carry on bag.


Pertinent medical information - You never know when you may need your medical information while traveling. It's a good idea to have a paper copy (yes, paper) of your medical history for your pregnancy. This is especially true if you're traveling outside the country as it may prove more difficult to obtain your records electronically or by fax.

Insurance card - In case you need to go to the doctor while traveling.

Vitamins and any medication related to your pregnancy - A must-have!

Water - Staying hydrated during pregnancy is so important, since dehydration can cause preterm labor. If you're flying, be sure to pick up a bottle after the security checkpoint to take on the plane, and then pick up a good supply once you're at your destination. Depending on where you go, tap water may be a no-no for health reasons -- be sure to check with your hotel.

Comfy shoes - Never has wearing comfortable shoes been more important than in pregnancy. Of course you can pack your cute heels, too, but for any amount of extended walking, you'll want something more comfortable. 

Snacks - High protein and easy-to-transport snacks are so important to take with you as you travel during your pregnancy, since you don't know how long it may be between meals, depending on the availability of food.

Pregnancy pillow - This may be hard to pack on a flight, but if you're traveling by car and there's room, it's can be so nice to have the same comforts of home while traveling. If you can't pack your favorite pillow, extra pillows at your destination can go a long way to making your sleep more comfortable.

Camera - Whether it's with your smart phone or a regular camera, snap at least a few pics of yourself during your trip to document your adventures during pregnancy.

Journal - Often, travel is a time when you can de-stress and take time out to reflect. Take a journal with you to write down thoughts and feelings about your life at the moment, including your pregnancy. Even if you never write in the journal again, you'll cherish the snippet of history in your life.

Reading material -- not pregnancy related - When you're pregnant, so many of your thoughts and conversations center around pregnancy. When you pack reading material for your trip, it may be nice to take a break from all the belly talk and pack books and magazines on other interests.  

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Last minute trip

July 9, 2014 09:44 AM by MaryBeth

In addition to all this great travel advice I'd like to add that pregnant moms that already have a child, or more, taking that "We need to go on vacation NOW because we can't do it after we have the baby" trips aren't always the best trips. To say the least!! Is it fun for anyone to take a 12 hour road trip 7 months pregnant, 2 kids in car seats, etc....? You will have plenty of time for vacations later and will enjoy them more without the stress of a last minute trip. 


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