Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

VBAC--Yes, It's an Option!

You may be considering a VBAC if you’ve had a previous cesarean birth.There are many myths about VBAC, but it’s important to understand the facts.  90% of women with a past cesarean are candidates for VBAC and the average success rate is 70-80% -- higher than the average vaginal birth rate of 67%. VBAC does have some potential risks, but so do repeat cesareans. And, in the long run, VBACs pose fewer risks than repeat cesareans.                                    

To learn more, click on the image to see the full infographic or download a printable PDF of the infographic.

 Learn more about VBAC from these additional resources:

A Woman’s Guide to VBAC: Navigating the NIH Consensus Recommendations 

Infographic: VBAC – Yes, It’s an Option!  

Lamaze Online Class - VBAC: Informed and Ready



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