Three's a Crowd? Not in Labor!

Thinking about "winging it" for your labor and birth-day? You may want to think again and instead, prepare for your labor support. While it's true that you'll have a dedicated nurse, and nurses are awesome, it's also true that nurses aren't usually available for continuous one-on-one care and support, both of which have been proven to reduce the likelihood of interventions and increase your satisfaction with birth. Creating a dedicated labor support team, which can include your partner, a friend, a family member, and a doula, can go a long way in making your birth a healthy and happy one. Learn more about the benefits of labor support in this new infographic, below, from Lamaze! (Click on the graphic to view it full size.)

labor support small.jpg

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Wish I read this my 1st time around

December 20, 2014 09:29 AM by Amber
My first pregnancy was at the south austin St. David's hospital. It is as if they googled what was correct and did everything incorrectly. I winged it and left it all in God's hands with much prayer. A nurse actually woke me up out of my sleep and told me to shut up because I was scaring the other moms giving birth. Another nurse busted my water bag with her diamond ring. Another nurse forced me to get an epidural. I was out of state and wanted the support of my child's father via phone but when I fell asleep the hid my cell under the sofa. The doctor had to come in to find my phone. I was all alone and the medical team treated me so inhumanely. I should have done my research and went somewhere that agreed with what I wanted. I didn't want to be that crazy 1st time mom that did everything by the books but some of what's out there is actually beneficial. I guess you have to decipher what is best for you personally out of all that you read. One more thing...after my son was born none of those terrible things mattered to me and the for a moment I forgot about all the hurt and pain when I first laid eyes on my Ceddy Bear.

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