Separating Mom and Baby

Separating Mom and Baby

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Wait for the Weight and Bond With Baby First!

From The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence.

Separating Mom and Baby

Labor is over and your bundle of joy has finally arrived! But before you know it, your baby is whisked out of your arms or away to the nursery. That’s because in many hospitals, it’s standard produce to separate mom and baby for a period of time, to complete some nusing tasks. However, research has shown that it's best for mothers and their healthy baby to stay together after birth. Talk to your care provider and make sure they allow "rooming-in", which will maximize your time with your little one and opportunities for breastfeeding. Don't forget to talk about what will happen immediately after birth, too. Many things like weighing, measuring and bathing are not uregent and can be delayed, or done at your bfedside or right on your tummy to ensure you and your baby don't miss a beat. Click on the image to see the full infographic or download the printable PDF of the infographic. 

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