Pushing for the Best Care by Melissa Driscoll

Birth Story Entries

Pushing for the Best Care

By Melissa Driscoll, Arlington, VA

Pushing for the best care for mom and baby during labor and birth means you are advocating for you and your child’s needs. You won't come out of the birth feeling guilty that you got talked into doing something that you didn’t want. Sticking up for yourself and your needs and also sticking to your birth plan is advocating for the best care you see possible. No matter how much you have an ideal of how the birth of your child will go, not everything will go the way you want. Keep happy and open to change at the same time sticking close to what you want. Soon the arrival of your bundle of joy will be brought into this world and all your stress and worries about the birth will be over.


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Pushing for the Best Care by Melissa Driscoll

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