Link Resource Round-up: Preemies, NICU, and Beyond

Giving birth to a premature baby, experiencing a stay in the NICU, and bringing home a preemie all come with unique and often stressful challenges, on top of becoming a new parent or expanding your family, which are already challenging! Support and reliable information can be two of your best allies in this journey. We've rounded up 10 of the best articles and resources for parents who find themselves navigating the unchartered and sometimes turbulent waters of prematurity. Have a link to add? Share in the comments! 


small_316682434.jpgSurviving a Stay in the NICU: A Guide for Parents (The Washington Times)

Premature Babies (BabyCenter)

What You Should Know if You Have a Preterm Baby (Pregnant Chicken)

The Challenges of Being a NICU Dad (Papas of Preemies)

Coming Home from the NICU: Ten Things to Tell Your Friends and Family (Hand to Hold)

New to the NICU? 10 Questions to Ask! (Preemies 101)

Bonding with Your Baby in the NICU (

Caring for Your Premature Baby at Home (Tommy's)

Some Common Feelings of Parents of Premature Babies (Life's Little Treasures Foundation)

Car Safety Seats: Tips for Parents of Preemies (March of Dimes)


photo credit: atomicshark via photopin cc


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