Lamaze International President Michele Deck Responds to USA Today’s Article

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Lamaze International President Michele Deck Responds to USA Today’s Article: “Decline in U.S. births goes beyond the ailing economy” 10/3.

Contact:  Mollie Turner, JPA, 202-591-4062,
For Release: October 16, 2012

Dear Editor,

The recent article on new CDC births data, “Decline in U.S. births goes beyond the ailing economy,” missed an important point. The upward spiral of cesarean births may be coming to an end; however, we’re a long way from declaring victory. With one-in-three women still having surgical birth, we’re not even close to women and babies getting optimal care. The cesarean rate is only one indicator. High rates of induction, underuse of VBAC, and the use of routine, but potentially harmful, interventions like continuous fetal monitoring and confinement to bed can lead women and babies down a dangerous path.

Lamaze educators think some of the credit should go to women themselves for the slow-down in cesareans. Pregnant women are coming to class seeking out ways to avoid unnecessary surgery, like choosing care providers who have lower cesarean rates. Childbirth education class is a place where they can get the information they need to push for the best care possible. There’s still much improvement to be made. Expecting moms can find answers at:


Michele Deck, RN, MEd, BSN, LCCE, FACCE
President of Lamaze International

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