Introducing Online Birth Education from Lamaze

LamazeForParents_Logo (1).jpgLamaze is thrilled to share with parents everywhere the launch of our new online learning center with interactive, virtual classes you can take at your own pace. Engage with childbirth professionals and other parents virtually through all stages of your pregnancy and beyond. Online classes can supplement traditional Lamaze childbirth education classes, and will include topics like planning for pregnancy, how to have a healthy birth, preparing for a VBAC birth, parenthood, and more. The first online class focuses on the core of what Lamaze stands for: The Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices. 

Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps

Lamaze International is excited to announce our first online first class, Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps, focusing on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices, the core of Lamaze education.

Prepare yourself and learn how to make healthier, more informed decisions about your labor and birth by participating in this interactive online course. Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps will help you:

  • Discover how the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices can impact your labor and birth
  • Find out how your care provider and support team can make a difference
  • Learn about common medical interventions
  • Alleviate fears and learn ways to manage pain
  • Build your knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions

Grand Opening Special: for only $19.95, you can participate in this interactive online class to receive vital information to help plan for your baby’s birth day. Learn more and access this course.

In addition to this course, Lamaze will be launching additional courses soon covering topics such as early pregnancy, labor coping strategies, VBAC and breastfeeding basics. 


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