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New Parents

New Parents

After the journey of pregnancy and birth, it’s time to step out into a whole new adventure: being a parent! Now you’ll get to see your baby grow and change firsthand. One of the most remarkable parts of this new stage is that as he or she develops and thrives from interaction with you, you will also grow.

The work of parenting is worthy of your best efforts, and those of your family, friends, and community—you’ll need their support during this journey. It’s important that you consider their advice, but it’s also key to develop a parenting style that best fits you. You’ll also want to make safe and healthy choices that are best for you and your baby, since these decisions don’t end with birth.

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Baby's Developmental Milestones

All infants develop at their own unique pace, but these milestones provide some general guidance.

24 - Beyond Birth Day Square.jpg

Beyond Birth Day

Experience one of life’s most exciting journeys – parenthood. Understanding babies’ needs

25 - Nursing School Square.jpg

Nursing School

All the basics about breastfeeding. Learn as much as possible before you start

26 - Pacifiers Square.jpg


Pacifiers may seem like a quick solution to quieting a fussy baby, as well as reducing the likelihood of SIDS, but these benefits are not as straightforward as they initially appear. Discover the risks

27 - Sleep Tight Square.jpg

Sleep Tight

How to decide if your baby should sleep alone or with you. Decide where to lay your baby's head

28 - Baby Blues Square.jpg

Baby Blues

Take the first step toward battling the severity of postpartum depression. Spot the symptoms

29 - Getting Back to Work Square.jpg

Getting Back to Work

Returning to work after having a baby isn’t an all-or-nothing decision. Decide what works

Other Parent Resources

Other Parent Resources

Find quality research and information on the internet. Evidence-based resources

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