Become a Lamaze Online Course Content Creator
Educators and Birth Professionals

Become a Lamaze Online Course Content Creator

At Lamaze, we’re committed to ensuring that expectant and new parents are armed with the best and latest evidence as they embark on their parenthood journey. That’s why we’ve decided to update some of our existing online parent courses to align with the needs of the modern learner. 

Currently, we are seeking proposals from Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators or perinatal professionals to help us update the following courses:

  1. First-Time Parents Essential Bundle
    • Labor Pain Management: Techniques for Comfort and Coping 
    • Safe and Healthy Birth: Six Simple Steps 
    • Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work 
  2. Bringing Home Baby
  3. Labor Confidence with Lamaze

Course content creators should be familiar with current research related to childbirth education and be able to share best practices and research findings with a parent audience.

Project Overview

  • Create instructional videos, write copy, and collaborate with Lamaze Parent Education volunteers and a Lamaze staff liaison/instructional designer 
  • Reference existing course content to combine with new content to develop
  • Record and publish professional, instructional videos that can be used throughout the course(s), while also writing detailed copy.

Statement of Work

Please review the Statement of Work, which provides details on the scope of work, compensation, timing, considerations, and more.

Apply to Become a Course Content Creator

Interested candidates should apply by completing our online application by August 31 and submitting the following items with their proposal:

  • Applicant's full name
  • Preferred Email
  • Physical Address
  • A current resume/CV
  • Statement of interest
  • Course(s) of interest
  • Details on any prior content creation
  • Subject-matter expertise in any specific area
  • What has been the biggest issue you’ve encountered with content creation and how did you resolve it satisfactorily?
  • A sample instructional video no longer than three minutes on the topic of Healthy Birth Practice #2: Walk, move around, and change positions throughout labor.
  • Sample text between two and four paragraphs (you may also use bullet points or other written format) that informs parents on the medical vs. non-medical indications for induction and how they can decide what is best for them.
  • Optional: other work samples you would like to share with the review committee

Apply Now

Applicants will be notified in mid-September regarding contractor selection. Overseen by the Lamaze Education Council, a task force of Lamaze members will carefully review and score each application based on criteria such as video quality, ability to narrate in a manner that is conversational, educational, and down-to-earth, ability to narrate in a manner that is approachable, inclusive, and non-judgmental, overall quality of application, etc.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at or +1 202-367-1128.