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Birth Day

Birth Day

Preparing for Birth

It’s a day you’ll mark with cake and candles in the coming years—the day that you finally get to meet your new baby! You’ve waited many months for this moment, and spent considerable time thinking about how it will unfold.

You’ve nurtured your baby during your pregnancy, making wise choices that ensure his or her well-being. Lamaze seeks to provide you with evidence-based information that helps you make informed decisions during birth, and ensure a safe and healthy experience for both of you.

Healthy Birth Practice 1_V2.png

Healthy Birth Practices

Healthy Birth Your Way: Six steps to a safer birth. See the videos today

Birth Partner Cheat Sheet_Square.png 

Birth Partner Cheat Sheet

A birth partner can serve in any manner that helps the laboring woman. What will your partner’s role be? Use our tips

Intervention Intelligence_Square.png

Medical Interventions

Common medical interventions you should know about. Become well-informed

Artificial Rupture of Membranes_Square.png

Induction by Artificial Rupture of Membranes

Artificially rupturing the sac increases your risk of infection. Know your options and if necessary use comfort measures

Induction with Pitocin_Square.png

Induction with Pitocin

Pitocin increases the strength of contractions and restricts mobility. Be patient waiting

IV Fluids_Square.png

IV Fluids

Routine use may restrict movement and over-hydrate. Share your desire to eat and drink during labor

Epidural Use_Square.png

Epidural and Anesthesia

Protect your baby and body from injury. What you need to know

Restricted Movement_Square.png

Movement Restrictions

Restriction prolongs labor and reduces effectiveness of contractions. Move around and change positions often


Continuous EFM

EFM is often used inappropriately and increases the risk of cesarean surgery. Ask about intermittent fetal monitoring



Routine use is likely to be ineffective or harmful. Get upright and push spontaneously

Cesarean Surgery

Cesarean Surgery

Current research shows that vaginal birth is safer for mother and baby. Let labor start on its own and plan for labor support


Establishing Breastfeeding

Get your breastfeeding relationship off to a good start. Nature’s way to recover and fall in love with your baby

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