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Lamaze Volunteers Policy Acknowledgement Form


Thank you for your time and commitment to Lamaze International. 

Lamaze International highly values the volunteers who support the work of the organization by sharing their time, talent and resources. People who volunteer together have an impact on each other’s performance, productivity, and personal satisfaction in their volunteer experiences. In addition, how our volunteers interact with our stakeholders and the community-at-large will influence whether those relationships are successful for Lamaze International. 

These policies have been adopted to clarify expectations and maximize the volunteer experience for Council and Committee members, and other volunteers. By signing you agree to adhere to and be bound by the following policies and commitments to promote efficiency, respect, and good governance.

Lamaze policies can also be found on the Lamaze website at the following address:



  1.  Governance: Conflict of Interest PolicyApril 2016
  2.  Governance: Volunteer Conduct – April 2016
  3.  Governance: Confidentiality PolicyApril 2016
  4.  Governance: Bylaws April 2019
  5.  Governance: Intellectual Property PolicyApril 2016
  6.  Committee: Tenets for Committee/Council ManagementApril 2016
  7.  Governance: Licensing Program Policy May 2018
  8.  Governance: Product/Program Endorsement Policy -- October 2018
  9.  Governance: Role Description GuidelinesApril 2016
  10.  Governance: Whistleblower PolicyApril 2016
  11.  Governance: Working StandardsApril 2016
  12.  Administration: Media Relations Policy - September 2018
  13.  Administration: Social Media Policy - September 2018
  14.  Administration: Travel Reimbursement Policy - March, 2018

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