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    May 11

    cytotec for post-partum hemorrhage?

    Archived User

    Hi Henci --

    I'm wondering if you have any information about the use of cytotec anally for post-partum hemorrhage.  There's some concern that I'm going to bleed after this, my second birth, and my midwife has cytotec on hand as a very last option after pitocin, methergen, and several herbal remedies.  I've wanted to avoid pitocin, as I have a bad feeling about my body's reaction to synthetic hormones, but I think I'd prefer pitocin to cytotec if it comes right down to it.  And yet, I don't know if it's just that I can't get the badness of cytotec inductions out of my head. 


    Thanks for anything you can tell me!


    Archived User

    I forgot to add, this is for a homebirth, if it helps the situation make sense.

    Archived User

    Also?  I was trying to log in as a guest using my first name, and I seem to be writing on someone else's account.  I've never posted here before.

    Henci Goer

    Pitocin (oxytocin) is the better agent according to a systematic review comparing its use with other agents. Misoprostol (Cytotec) is both less effective and has more unpleasant side effects.

    -- Henci

    Archived User


    Henci Goer

    You're welcome! -- Henci

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