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    Mar 26

    Any Effect on 2nd Birth due to Inverted Uterus in 1st Birth?

    Archived User

    Hi Henci,

    Lucy here, a LCCE in Ohio.  I've tried to find out more about this topic for a client of mine, but what happened to her seems pretty rare that I'm having a difficult time. 

    What do we know about the possible effects on the second birth after the mother had had an inverted uterus following the birth of her first baby?  I do not know much more than that it was traumatic and life-threatening for her.  Because it happened once, is it more likely to happen again?  I do not know if or how much the caregiver used pitocin and/or traction of the cord, etc., and will talk about expectant management of birthing of the placenta.  And, obviously, relaxation techniques for her and her partner. 

    Any thoughts you can share are much appreciated! 




    Henci Goer

    Unfortunately, not. The best I can tell you is find out not only if someone was pulling on the umbilical cord when it happened but whether someone was pushing on the top of her belly (fundal pressure). If either was the case, then it is less likely to repeat if no one does those things to her, but that won't help much since she still doesn't know her odds. I would add, too, as a common sense measure that she will want to allow the contractions to deliver the baby rather than actively pushing as the baby emerges and that if any pushing is needed for the shoulders to go gently. Beyond that, I am sorry that I have nothing more helpful. Anyone out there who does?

    -- Henci

    Archived User

    Hi Henci and all,

    I just wanted to report back.  The mom had a beautiful baby, and the mom was doing well, too.  Her uterus inverted again.  Her medical team was prepared, and the mom recooperated well.  The mom used natural comfort techniques and had the help of her partner and a very experienced doula and group of nurses. 

    I don't know all the details of her first or second birth, but it seems as if with all the research and preparation she and her husband did, she was able to have the kind of natural childbirth she had wanted. 

    Lucy Juedes, LCCE

    Henci Goer

    I am happy to hear that she got good care and that all is well but sorry to hear that this complication repeated. Thanks for the follow-up.

    -- Henci

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