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    Apr 25

    can ur belly tell others what ur having??????

    Archived User

    This is my third pregnancy and i am 32 weeks pregnant. i was never as big as i am now with my two boys. i have had two ultrasounds and the technicians say im having a girl. i trust that fully and have even bought pink girlie things. my concern is everyone that sees me and my perfectly round belly say im having a boy. i ask them why they say that and they say because of the way im it true u carry differantly with a boy than u do with a girl???? i thought it was a wives tale but more and more people even strangers say its a boy.......whats the deal with that??

    Henci Goer

    Not to worry. If the sonogram says you are having a girl, it is very seldom wrong. I expect people are just looking for a way to take notice of your pregnancy in a way that isn't too personal, and the old wive's tales for predicting the baby's sex are a way of doing that.

    -- Henci

    Archived User

    thank you

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