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    May 20

    Miscarriage question......wait it out/Cytotec/D&C

    Archived User

    Hi Henci,

    First, I was delighted to find this forum a few months ago!   I was excited that when I had questions I could get an answer from you or someone like-minded from this site.   I have a son who just turned two and was able to have him naturally and it was a wonderful experience.  I read The Thinking Womans Guide and recommend it lots.    I referenced that book so many times during my last pregnancy!  On to why I am here today. 

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this one, but thought this thread may be the  best.  I learned 2 weeks ago that I have a 'blighted ovum'.  I had the same type of miscarriage back in December (so second BO in 5 months).    Doc and a friend's midwife say both are flukes.   We were easily able to concieve my son and I have no history of prior miscarriage.  I am 30 and what most would consider very healthy.  For first in Dec, I waited 10 days after confirmation and then had the D&C.    I REALLY didn't want to, but the emotional pain was so unbearable that I thought I might lose my mind.    This round we are on day 14.   I would prefer not to have the D&C and the doc has offered Cytotec. 

    At this moment, I am doing fairly well both physically and emotionally.    I am just not quite sure how long I can wait.  I would strongly prefer my body to take care of this naturally and I know it will, just not sure if my mind can wait much longer.  It is true mental torture and every day seems to make it a tiny bit worse. 

    Is Cytotec safe in a situation like this?   What are the risks?   Can you direct me to any literature that could help me to decide? 

    Many Thanks,


    Henci Goer

    Thank you for your kind words about my book and this Forum. They are deeply appreciated.

    I am so sorry that you are going through this emotionally painful experience. Unfortunately, I am not knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of your options for ending the pregnancy in cases such as yours. Hopefully, your care providers can tell you the potential benefits and harms of the three possibilities. Information about harms should include how likely those harms are to occur, long-term as well as short-term potential for problems, and what will be done should a complication occur. Once you have the facts, you will want to take into account your gut feelings, values, and preferences.  Give yourself time and space to consider and allow your heart to tell you what is right for you. 

    -- Henci 

    Archived User

    It may be too late for this.  I just saw this post.  I wanted to suggest that you go to the web-site.  There is information there about how to test out a miscarriage to make sure there is no misdiagnosis.  There are also articles about miscarriage options.  One of them is the use of Cyotec which has some problems associated with it.  If possible, a natural miscarriage is the best option.  There is some journal articles about that.  Many women have found that when their hcg levels reach about 1000, that is when they miscarry naturally.  I am sure that each case is different.  I don't know how many weeks that you are.  It is best to wait until at 12 wks to make sure there is no misdiagnosis.  The fetus is larger at that time and can be seen much easier on ultrasound.  That way you will know that there is no misdiagnosis.  We have seen close to 200 babies saved by testing out their diagnosis when doctors were so sure that they were miscarrying.  Ultrasounds can be faulty and depending upon the tilt of the uterus, it can be hard to get a good view.  Also, women don't always ovulate at the standard 14 days that many doctors base due date upon.  So a woman can be not as far along as her and her doctor thinks.

    I am so sorry that you are going through this difficult time.  I know personally how tormenting it is.  I wish you well.  I hope that all goes smoothly for you.

    You take care!

    Anne Marie



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