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    Aug 23

    Need Resources/Info on Diabetic Pregnant Mothers and Labor Induction

    Archived User
    I'm struggling with a couple I'm teaching that is under the care of an OB who is telling her she must be induced exactly one week before her EDD even though her pregnancy is going well, her baby is fine and simply because she is diabetic.  She is having a difficult time managing her diabetes but she is so far in good health as is her baby.  I plan to help her work on her diet more to make management easier through my childbirth classes.  She's not even due until 11/14/07 yet the doctor already plans to induce her as if his psychic abilities have told him her baby is already too big! 
    Any advice on what options she has - midwife? out of hospital birth possible? induction advice? books on the subject?  articles on the subject?  medical journal research on the subject?  internet sites on how to birth naturally and normally with diabetes?
    Thanks so much!
    Love your work and your books!!!!  Thanks for all you do!
    In birth,
    Jessica Groves, AAHCC
    Bradley Method Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula
    Archived User

    Just found out she is Type II, but would like info on Type I as well.


    Jessica Groves, AAHCC

    Bradley Method Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula

    Henci Goer

    It isn't what you or I think but rather that your client gets the information she needs to make an informed decision. The Childbirth Connection website has good information on what this constitutes and how to do this. Send your client here for material specifically about making an informed choice. These should be good preparation for a discussion with her doctor. To them, I would add some red flag responses from my book, Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. If her ob engages in any of these bullying tactics, she should, in my opinion, run for the door. A person who behaves in these ways--sadly, all too common among obs--is not someone you would want taking care of you and your unborn baby.  

    • scare tactics
    • anger
    • ridiculing her desires, concerns, opinions, or competency to make decisions about her care
    • patronizing remarks
    • attempts to co-opt her partner 

    -- Henci

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    Henci Goer[Organization Members] @ Sep 18, 2012 - 11:40 AM (America/Pacific)

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