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    About Lamaze

    Fundamentals for Parenting

    • Positive parenting is vital to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our children, ourselves and our society.
    • A safe, healthy birth experience provides a strong foundation for parenting.
    • Parenting is joyful, important, challenging and deeply satisfying work that is worthy of everyone’s best efforts.
    • Parenting begins before birth. The intimate connection between children and their parents must be respected and protected from the moment of birth and throughout life.
    • Parents play unique, irreplaceable roles in their children’s lives.
    • Babies and children thrive in close, consistent interaction with their parents.
    • Parenting is a learned art; our most important teachers are our own parents, our family and our children.
    • Good parenting requires the support of family, friends and community.
    • Knowledge and support enhance parents’ confidence and ability to make informed decisions that meet the needs of their children and themselves.



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