Positive Pregnancy Test! Now What?

    By: Cara Terreri on Mar 19, 2014

    dads-1.jpgThe flood of emotions that comes with a positive pregnancy test is quickly followed by pressing questions.  How do I manage the symptoms I'm feeling?  Should I change my diet and exercise, or the medications I take?  When should I tell my family, friends and co-workers?

    But sometimes it's easy to overlook other issues that can impact your pregnancy and "The Big Day." Lamaze's latest webinar will address one of the most important questions any newly pregnant woman can consider.

    "What can I do now to increase the chances I'll have a safe and healthy birth for my baby and me?"

    The following webinar discussion (embedded below) will provide resources and perspectives on what newly pregnant women can be thinking about and doing in early pregnancy, and how they can take charge in pushing for the best possible care. The "Positive Pregnancy Test? The Top 5 Things You Should Do Next" webinar will help you to:

    • Consider options for care you might be overlooking
    • Avoid "due date" mistakes
    • Get savvy on real-world childbirth challenges
    • Equip your childbirth partner to be rock-solid support
    • Think about healthy choices in a new light

    [youtube M7vN3IKnN9U]The presenter of this webinar is Jessica Deeb, MS, WHNP, CLC, LCCE.  Two years ago, she shared her first childbirth experience with fellow moms in Lamaze's Push for Your Baby video.  Since then, she has applied her professional training in labor and delivery and her passion for better birth to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  She is expecting Baby #2 in December!

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